Sunday, March 12, 2017


Winter and Spring are battling one another here in zone 6b Massachusetts and most of New England according to the weather reports. One day it's actually was 70F one day last week. Then the wind picked up and the temperatures dropped. We had snow and more high winds. The temperature is hovering around 15F at night and the 20's during the day. This is torture for this flowerbed gardener. I've been poring over the plant and seed catalogs as well as my pictures of gardens past.

A pristine sky on a very cold day. 

A young red tail hawk waiting out last Friday's snow storm in a Maple tree in our back yard.

High winds knocked over a lot of trees in our area. This tree, in our wooded lot,  was ready to come down.
We are in for a Nor'easter on this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Because of the time of year, it should melt fast and, hopefully, raise the ground water level. Poor man's fertilizer!

Wishing you happy garden dreams,

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  1. Your season is a bit behind ours. I like how you said spring and winter are in a battle. Yes, that has gone on here in SE Nebraska, but spring is finally starting to win. There is still a lot of fluctuation in temps, though.