Friday, April 28, 2017


"The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting."
Andy Warhol

We have had several days of rain and today is bright but mostly overcast. I have been waiting with anticipation because I know a good rain followed by warm sunshine brings a burst of life to the gardens. 
A bumble bee enjoying Pulmonaria

Yellow Primrose is the most beautiful of all! 
This little native gem came from my neighbors lawn.

There are only a few buds but, this is the first year the Azalea is going to bloom. I had it in a bad spot the first couple of years and not that its in the woodland garden it's doing well.

The Wild Violets are beginning to bloom.

I planted 6 Fritillaria and 6 came up. All but one is blooming.

Silene....a very faithful and long time bloomer

A Fritillaria that needs sun....

Here is a close-up.

What a difference a day can make this time of year. This picture and the one below  are of  the same plants....

There's so much breaking ground now. It's so wonderful to walk outside and see more life everyday. As usual, I don't remember where I planted things so it's kind of like opening presents...the anticipation is wonderful.

I'm so grateful that we've had decent rain this Spring. 
Happy Gardening,

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