Saturday, April 22, 2017

GBFD - April 22, 2017

"April is a promise that May is bound to keep."
Hal Borland

Garden Bloggers Foliage Day in April is a wonderful thing for this zone 6B gardener in Massachusetts. There are lots of trees budding and/or leafing out as well as perennials breaking ground  
but few flowers.
This is an Apple tree that is growing wild in our wooded lot. Lots of Apple cores have been thrown in there over the years.

Heuchera is coming up. I love the new leaves with their red veins.

This is the 2nd year for Wild Ginger in the woodland garden. I'm happy to see that it's spreading, not so happy to see that something has nibbled at it. But, it's part of gardening, isn't it?

There is lots of Columbine coming up. By the size of it, it won't be long before it blooms.

Painted Daisies have great foliage. A plus for when the flowers fade.

The Ornamental Cherry is doing well. It's fairly young and hasn't bloomed much. Maybe this is the year!

Catnip makes for a happy kitty named Idgie.

The camera would not focus on the Hawthorne tree. The buds are really pretty. You can see the thorns on the branch.

Two of the Clematis are doing wonderful. It's so exciting to think they could have a lot of blooms this year.

The climbing Hydrangea is getting leaves. It's a 2nd year plant and probably won't bloom for a few more years.

This Crabapple was really small when I got it. I hope it will bloom this year.

Last but not least, the Hosta is coming up in the sunnier spots around the yard.

 Today, I'm grateful for my good friend, Carolin, who is a fellow gardener and Jesus follower.

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Happy Gardening, Sally


  1. Hi, thanks for joining GBFD this month. Lovely to see your emerging foliage; I think you've had a hard winter this year so to see all the new foliage appearing is very exciting.

  2. How nice to see that nature wakes up from winter sleep!