Thursday, April 13, 2017

Just in Time for Easter

"Where man sees but withered leaves, God sees sweet flowers growing."
Albert Laighton

What a beautiful week this has been in zone 6B, Massachusetts! 
This is a crocus I forgot all about. Below, is the same plant a few days later.

So beautiful!

The Primrose is coming around. 

Mystery plant.....

More Crocus that I didn't remember.

I love the blossoms on Pulmonaria. Pink and blue flowers on the same plant and no grafting!

Forsythia is a sure sign of spring!
After a tormenting March, April is not disappointing. Today is the coolest day of the week, 50's F. Earlier this week, the temperature got up to 80F! 

The Saver and I are in the middle of a home renovation which we are doing some of ourselves. It's been on hold while waiting for a cabinet to come in so, I've had the opportunity to be in the gardens every day. Very quickly, I've felt my age! I'm paying the price for a sedentary winter.....Still, there's so much satisfaction in seeing the gardens come along.

As I wait for plants to come up, I have to remind myself it's only the middle of April. Patience and more patience as I scour the earth for signs of plant growth.  Next month there will be an explosion of plant life. I can hardly wait!

I hope you're enjoying your gardens as much as I'm enjoying mine.

Today, I'm grateful for the online gardening communities. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

 Happy Gardening,

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  1. Love that beautiful crocus! I only have a few crocus this year, sadly. I think chipmunks ate many of them last summer during the drought, as they were eating anything they could get their little grubby paws on. Your pulmonaria is so cool with the pink and the blue together. My muscles were so sore after gardening the first couple of days, too! Who knew there is such a thing as gardening muscles?