Friday, April 21, 2017

Rain, Sweet Rain

"The force of Spring - mysterious, fecund, powerful beyond measure."
Michael Garofalo

It's raining today. Not one of those lovely spring rains that are warm. It's cold and dank but, at least,  it's rain. We've had a rain deficit for several years and it looks like this year we will have normal levels of water. After this good soaking things should start to pick up in the gardens.
Creeping Phlox starting to open

Fritillaria Michailovskiy, a new addition to the garden this year. The flower is laying on the ground, which I find a little odd...perhaps the stem will grow more.

A little patch of Heuchera. Hopefully, they will like that spot.

The Yellow Primrose is blooming after the others.

See the yellow in the lawn? It's moss....I think it's pretty and it doesn't have to be mowed.....I'm sure the Saver won't be happy when he sees it.

Precious little Forget-me-nots are starting to bloom.

Lovely Primrose is just full of blooms. The blue one was eaten by something that eats the blue off the petals and leaves the yellow centers.....

The big garden is so bare right now It's amazing that in a couple of weeks it will be filled in and full of color.

My garden wish list keeps getting surprise there. I'd like some more Primrose and suspect there will be some to rescue from the discount shelf at Lowe's before long. Another plant I want is an ornamental Mullein. I saw several of them at the daylily farm last summer and was wowed by them. Here are two pictures I took while there.

I can't begin to tell you how tall and striking they were. It was love at first site!! I'm also looking at drought tolerant plants for the section of the big garden by the road. There's not much that thrives there but I thought about Fountain grass, possibly Gaura and some lamb's ears, Coreopsis and Yarrow. I'm also on the hunt for a white Birch tree...I love them and want one in the woodland garden. That's my wish list so far.....what's yours?
Today, I'm grateful for the rain...even if it's cold and ugly!

Happy Gardening, Sally


  1. Hi Sally: I'm glad to hear you're getting plenty of rain this year! I'm like you: I appreciate the moss. Some people would pay big bucks to have it thrive in their gardens, so I welcome it with gratitude. :) Happy spring!

  2. My wish list is one of everything that blooms but does not have thorns. I am not good with thorns.