Monday, May 29, 2017

End of May

"I love the smell of rain and growing things."
Serina Hernandez 

The dining room garden

More dining room garden. Coreopsis, Columbine and wild geranium
It looks like the Wild Cherry tree is going to be full of fruit this year.

My first Poppy

I love the combination of colors. Bachelor Buttons and Poppy
There is more color in the big garden everyday.
These Columbine are amazing. I wish I could capture the true color. They are a deep navy blue.
Garden by the house, Wild Geranium and Coreopsis

The one and only Rhoddy is still not blooming very much. It may need to be transplanted to a shadier spot.
Slowly, the Irises are opening

The woodland garden.
This Hosta is a monster!
Two in one. 
Beautiful rescue Hosta

Mystery Silene. It just showed up in my yard one day!
Color! Poppy, catmint, coral bells and coreopsis
Coreopsis and Columbine
Bachelor Button
I love the color of the not quite completely opened Bachelor Button.
Solomon Seal and a native wildflower whose name I forget!

The last few weeks, there has been more rain than sunshine. Everything is lush and so,so green. There are so many plants waiting expectantly for sunshine. When I look at the waiting buds, it reminds me of a pregnant woman who is overdue. They look like they are about to burst. And, I want them to! How amazing the gardens will be when the Clematis, Peonies, Campion buds and so many more beauties open up and smile at the sun!

Today, I'm grateful to God for the rain.
What are you grateful for?

Happy Gardening, 


  1. After last year's drought I am also thanking God for the rain. We have had about 8 inches over the past week! No complaints from me! Your garden is very lovely. I really like your rescue hosta. Any idea what kind it is? Also, I have never seen columbine that color. Amazing, as is the hue of your Bachelor Buttons.

  2. I am grateful I have a cup of cold tea, air conditioning, and a comfy couch. Anything deeper than that would require thought and my brain is just relaxing.