Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hello May, Please be Nice!

"Among the changing months, May stands contest
The sweetest, and the fairest colors dressed."
James Thomson


Here is a close-up of a Candytuft blossom. I love how unique they are.

The Bleeding Heart barely broke ground when it was blooming!

This sweet, little native plant is a Bluet.

This Primrose is a new addition to the woodland garden.

Fritillaries are still at it.

A native fern is unfurling in the wooded lot.

This is a Cinnamon fern fiddlehead.

This native Violet grows in the swampy area of the wooded lot.

Silene and Forget-Me Nots.

I think this is an Aubrieta. The color is beautiful and bright.

This Pulmonaria has beautiful white flowers.

This is one reason I love Pulmonaria. This plant has pink and blue flowers.

I rescued a few Johnny-Jump_ups from the markdown rack at Lowe's.

White Violets are blooming. They smell wonderful.

Creeping Phlox

Pansies are another Lowe's markdown rescue.

Sweet Woodruff

While clearing and preparing to create the woodland garden, I found an apple tree growing. 

I trimmed the Apple tree and am delighted to see it blooming. The tree is very odd looking as it leans west toward the sun. It probably is the result of years of  throwing apple cores in the woods.

We're having another rainy day. No complaints here....it makes the garden so happy.  Yesterday, I spent the morning digging out dandelions and grass as well as pulling the usual culprit weeds from the big garden. It's so much fun to spot more plants breaking the ground.

Good-bye April! I'm grateful it's May!
Happy Gardening, 

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