Thursday, June 15, 2017

GBBD - June 15, 2017

"Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."
Luther Burbank

Peonies are amazing this year. Maybe they heard me whine about how scant the Irises were this year and took pity on me.

Peony with Ninebark and Coreopsis in the background.
I can never remember what kind of "bell" this is but, it's blooming beautifully. This morning, I was struck by how incredibly pristine they are.

Red Hot pokers! I love this stage. I purchased a couple more and hope for more of them rising into the air next year.

I have tried so hard to capture the color of  Spiderwort on camera. This is as close as I've gotten and it's really good.

This little wildflower is called Gold and Green.

Primula is slowly passing.

Gaillardia is perfection when it first blooms.

An opening  Wild Geranium 

The Ninebark is at it's peak. Think it needs a haircut?

A lovely miniature Rose my daughter, Allison gave me.

Blue-eyed grass.

Catmint is a heavy bloomer and lasts a long time.

The last of the Irises

Salvia is opening

Although I grow Heuchera mostly for the foliage, I love to see these delicate blooms waving in the breeze.
 Today, I'm grateful for this lovely old neighborhood I live in. The homes are truly unique having been built at different times. I love the shade on the streets from the trees along them and how it's quiet and I can hear the birds sing.
What are you grateful for today?

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Happy Gardening,
Flower Freak


  1. Your garden is really magical !! I love all your flowers !!

  2. You have so much in bloom, lovely. I envy your ninebark. Mine died last year. I can't figure out why??? Yours looks so pretty.It set off your peonies nice.