Friday, June 2, 2017

June! How I love you!

"Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June."
Al Bernstein

I am beyond happy about what a beautiful morning this morning was! Sunshine, coolish weather and a lovely breeze. Ideal for working in the gardens.

I have a love/hate affair with Clematis. I'd give anything for vines so full of flowers you can hardly see the leaves.The two in the pictures above are second year plants and they both have a half dozen lovely flowers. I can see them from the dining room windows.....what a treat. I have high hopes for next spring

Spiderwort is starting to bloom. This is the first plant to bloom and the color is electric.

These old fashioned Irises are so pretty. They add a great pop of color.

This is my sad herb garden. There are Sage, Chives and curly and flat Parsley. We need to add dill and Basil. 

More of the Irises. I love the morning light shining on them.

A couple of different Columbine, Coral Bells and some Campion getting ready to bloom. In the front, Blue Fescue has seed heads.

One lonely Poppy, Catmint, Coreopsis and in the front, Campion getting ready to there a theme here??

Medium-Pink Painted Daisies

This yellow Iris has gone crazy this year. I've never seen so many flowers on it.
It was a wonderful morning of planting, transplanting, weeding and admiring the beauty around me. Three hours went by before I knew it....I wish housework was like that!

Woodland Garden

I love the morning light on the shade garden.

This picture and the one above are of the same plant. Rain Forest Sunrise Is a small Hosta growing to around 7". I bought it for it's color, mostly. The inside is lime green.....very pretty.

Bedazzled is another small Hosta. It will grow to around 7" I like the curl in the leaves on this one.

I thought the white Bleeding Heart was gone but it came back.

You might have guessed I'm becoming infatuated with Hosta. There was a time when I disliked them but, as I've worked on the woodland garden, I've come to appreciate what Hosta brings to it....shades of green, texture and shape. 
The woodland garden is filling in nicely and, I'm extending it further into the woods.....not much further though. I'm starting to feel my limitations!
Last fall, I enlarged the big garden but about 30' x 1'. This new section needs filling in as do several 
bare-ish spots around the garden. They will probably be a season long work in progress.....
Yesterday, I had a garden center excursion with my good friend, Carolin. Besides the Hosta, I bought some perennials to fill pots and Sweet William to fill in around the garden. It was a fun and productive time!

Today, I'm grateful to God for my good friend, Carolin. Not only is she my gardening friend, she's my sister in Christ and so wise and loving.....

Happy Gardening, Sally

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  1. I have enjoy reading your blog this afternoon. I even had to look at some stuff twice because it was so beautiful.