Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hot and Humid.....July has come in all her glory!

"Where flowers bloom so does hope."
Lady Bird Johnson

There are many more Daylilies coming. Here are the ones that are blooming now.
This little beauty is a first year bloomer that I got at the Daylily farm last August. It's about a foot tall. I love the color.

This is an old timer given to me by a fellow gardener the 2nd year I was gardening.

This is one that I bought at a garden club flower sale three years ago.

This is another one that was purchased at the garden club flower sale 3 years ago.It's a beautiful peach with green in the middle.....
I love the color of this pale yellow Daylily!

I love this! I love that it's fringed in the deep purple that is in the center. I don't know where I got this. It's fairly new so it has to be either the flower sale or nursery.

This is another old timer. It's tall and majestic. I love the color!

These Drumsticks are so beautiful! They pair beautifully with Butterfly Weed and Yarrow.

This is one of my favorite pictures looking SE at the big garden.

In spite of the wood chuck devouring the Echinachea as soon as it came up, its blooming. This particular plant  managed to be passed by. There are many more who are about a foot tall and are blooming.....Thank you, Mr. Woodchuck!

It seems early for the Phlox to bloom....This is the first plant to get flowers. The others are budding.

I love this little sweety! It's the 3rd or 4th mini bee balm I've tried to grow and the others all died. This one is under some larger plants and seems to be very happy.

Red Bee Balm is passing and the Susan's are darkening.

Crazy Daisy is happy where it is......

Echinops is bluer everyday.

There are fewer Campion blossoms everyday. They pair well with Helenium.

I love this pink Salvia. It's getting nice n big.

Kent Oregano is blushing. I love how unique it is.

Ox-eye Daisy is spreading nicely though out the garden.

White Obedient Plant is an early bloomer.

More Susan's. 

Gaillardia is still blooming along. It's a staple in the garden, blooming a long time and adding lovely color.

The only Hollyhock that bloomed this year.

What a crazy day of sunshine and thunder and rain. This morning, I was in the garden for a short time because that was all I could handle. 
How can 70% humidity be so stifling??  Right now, the air is so moisture laden, it's like a fog. How do people who live in high humidity stand it!?!
That being said, the garden is beautiful and lush. Every once in a while, I bend down and pull up a stray weed. They just can't find a way to squeeze in with so many perennials!
I hope you are all having a wonderful time in your gardens.
Today, Im grateful for my oldest grandson, Griffin. He had a birthday yesterday. He is kind and intelligent and talented and handsome. A real gift to us from God. We love you Griff!

Happy Gardening,


  1. You have an amazing daylily collection! I have a few, too, and they are so cheery. It looks like our gardens are at about the same stage right now. I love this time of year. :)

  2. You have so many lovely day lilies and other colorful blooms! July is a beautiful month for your garden. You wondered how we who live in high humidity stand it. With heat in the 90s and humidity to match, I will tell you the answer is air conditioning! July and August are my least favorite gardening months, and that includes our winter. We swelter through and dream of fall.

  3. Always nice to see your beautiful garden !!
    I love your lovely flowers !!

  4. I am amazed at the peach daylily. I have never seen one with the petals in the middle like that. Wow! Your daylilies are in full bloom and mine are almost finished.

    As for the heat and high humidity, I agree with Deb above, air conditioning. I only garden at sunrise because the heat makes me sick. Be careful Sally, do not get overheated, it can happen quickly.

    Jeannie @