Monday, July 31, 2017

In a Vase on Monday - End of July

"The earth laughs in flowers."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The vase I'm using is a deep purple which doesn't translate well when it has water and flowers in it. It came from a neighbor who was moving and throwing it away.
Phlox is blooming away and attracting all kinds of pollinators.

The darker Phlox is the first kind I grew.

Salmon Phlox with a darker eye was from a friends garden many years ago.

The white always amazes me by how incredibly white it is.

I'm not sure where the pink-eyed one came from. It may have been a markdown rack rescue.

This sweet smelling little darling came the garden of an older woman who was tearing the garden out.

I can't capture the color of this Phlox. It's darker than this and stunning. The camera is new and I'm hoping I will be able to take better pictures with it over time.
Today, I'm grateful for yet another glorious day! Could the sky be any bluer, the sun any brighter or the air more perfume filled!
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Happy Gardening,


  1. You have a really good collection of Phlox, and by the look of your vase you are growing them exceptionally well in your garden. The dark vase is an ideal shape to arrange your flowers in.

  2. Your phlox collection is really impressive !! I admire these beautiful flowers !!
    Happy weekend, dear friend !

  3. I only have one phlox and now I think I need to plant more after seeing how good they look in arrangements.

    Jeannie @