Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wild Flower Wednesday - July 26, 2017

"May your life be like a wildflower growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day."
Native American Proverb
Mountain Mint has tiny delicate flowers. The upper leaves are whiter than the rest of the plant and look like flower petals.

Red Bee Balm is fading but, still eye catching.

One of the few Butterfly Weed plants that is blooming. I noticed that local nurseries are starting to carry them.

Joe Pye Weed is getting buds that are starting to change color.

This is the first Hummingbird Moth I've seen this year. It's enjoying the Liatris.

Susans are still going strong!

Gaillardia is another flower that blooms for long periods.

Prairie Smoke Geum is a new addition to my garden.

Hardy Geranium is weaving through other plants and showing up in unexpected places.

One of the White Echinachea that the woodchuck missed. I doubt he will have sinus problems this season! ;)

Artemesia Vulgaris or Mugwort is tenacious. I've tried evicting it but it keeps popping up. I think I'll let it stay.

White Achillea or Yarrow

Echinachea or Purple coneflower is another victim of the woodchuck. Some survived.

Bad Honeysuckle......Asian Honeysuckle that is very invasive. It has grown on our property since the house was built in the 20's and the Hummingbirds love it. It has an amazing scent.

Another new addition to the garden.....Gaillardia, Arizona Sun, I believe.

The tiny flowers of Catnip.

After two days of rain a really beautiful, sunny day with low temperatures. I spent several hours deadheading and planting. The garden is fading and my mind is occupied with what plants will bloom at this time in my zone 6b, Massachusetts gardens.

Today, I'm grateful for my yard that is big enough for me to garden in. Being surrounded by beauty is a must!
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Happy Wildflower Wednesday,


  1. I deadheaded by butterfly weed and it bloomed again. Have you ever heard of that happening? I didn't want it dropping seeds everywhere so this is the first time I trimmed it back. A bird planted it for me and it is in the wrong place but I haven't bothered to try and move it.

    I really want some Mountain Mint after seeing how good yours looks.

  2. Hi Sally. This is my first time visiting. I've come to you from Wildflower Wednesday. It looks like you have a glorious garden. Enjoy! and have a fabulous week.

  3. Happy Wildflower Wednesday, Sally. Your post and all the beauties made me smile. So sorry a critter is eating the Echinaceas! You've reminded me that I need to get Mountain Mint. It's one of the best pollinator plants!

  4. Hi Sally, You have a lot of wildflowers in your garden. Many are some I could grow. I live in 6A, SW Indiana. I can never get gallardia to last more than a season here. Odd isn't it. Those catnip flowers are so pretty. They look like a cluster of orchids. Happy Belated Wildflower Wednesday.