Monday, August 28, 2017

In a Vase on Monday - August 28, 2017

 Love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies.
Gertrude Jekyll

It's becoming a challenge finding flowers for arrangements as the flowerbeds start to wane and plants that normally are thriving are dying back because we are in desperate need of rain.....It was wonderful to take in the amazing scent of the Hydrangea and hear the bees buzzing. They were all over the two bushes.
The vases were both gifts. The large one was given to me by my daughter, Allison and the small vase, which I think is cobalt, was given to me by an elderly neighbor many years ago.

I'm not sure the large arrangement is very photogenic. It's a combination of Hydrangea, Lobelia and Obedient Plant

The artwork was done by a friend and the small bouquet is made of Mint, Caryopteris and Hosta.

The room I took pictures in faces north and west and is painted a soft yellow with light blue trim. I found the golden hue it gave this arrangement interesting.

Hydrangea is one of my favorite blooms.

Mint is blooming and will soon be dropping seed everywhere if I don't cut them back. We all know Mint needs no help spreading!

Caryopteris gives much needed color in the woodland garden.

Hosta blossoms aren't given enough pretty is this one?!?

Obedient Plant is so pretty that I overlook that it is a garden thug.

Lobelia seeds itself all over the garden.

The little room I took pictures in is my haven It's very small as it was a front porch originally but it's big enough for a chair, bookcase and wooden file cabinet. It's a great place to escape to, in the morning, with a cup of coffee.
Why don't you take a stroll over to to see what is in vases all over the world.

Today I'm grateful for that private space in my home.

Happy Gardening,


  1. The 2 vases and your friend's artwork make an exceptionally pretty vignette. I too think the hosta flowers are beautiful. Sadly, I can't grow them as they're much too thirsty for my climate.

  2. A lovely display and I adore the large vase...

  3. Beautifully done, Sally - hydrangea isn't always easy to arrange. It looks great here with the lobelia and obedient plant. I love cobalt vases!

  4. What more do you need than a chair and a bookcase? Your arrangements are very pretty and it's lovely to see the flowers close up. I'm going to look at my caryopteris to see if it is flowering yet.

  5. What a pretty vignette! I especially like the arrangement in the small cobalt vase. Your sitting area sounds like an ideal personal retreat.