Monday, August 7, 2017

In Vase on Monday - The Colors of the Garden

"Time began in a garden."
Author Unknown
The lead crystal vase was a yard sale find. I can't say if it's hand cut as I don't know much about hand cut glass. I love lead crystal so I bought it.
Today, the bouquet consists of a lot of what is blooming right now. I tried to stay away from Phlox as I highlighted it last week but, I couldn't adds so much to the arrangement.
I took a lot of pictures in the garden. When I downloaded them I realized they blend in a bit.
I like this picture because the background flowers look like they're part of the arrangement.

My youngest daughter bought miniature rose bushes off the markdown rack. Now that they're established, they aren't exactly minis.....but the yellow rose is incredibly beautiful. Along with it is a Balloon flower.....a lovely contrast to the yellow.

The is a 2nd flush for the rose bush this little beauty came from.

Plumbago! I've never been able to capture it's true color on camera.

This Rose is from the 2nd bush bought by my daughter.

Solidago cultivar is starting to bloom. I notice wild ones on the side of the road are blooming also.

As the purple Liatris fades, the white starts to open.

Light pink Phlox with dark pink eye.

Sweet William is one of my favorites bringing back happy childhood memories,

The Woodland "Susan" is a volunteer. In the spring, it was eaten down to the nub by a woodchuck but bounced back like the wild flower it is.

Today, I'm grateful for the internet gardening community. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. It's fun to see gardens all over the world.

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  1. Such a great combination of colours and form. The solidargo works beautifully to bring that zingy colours to the rich pinks and purples.

  2. You have so many wonderful roses! I love the contrast between that yellow rose and the blue balloon flower too.

  3. It was such fun hearing about all your different blooms - seemed like a really good value post!! Your vase is clearly bigger than what I first thought when you show it in context with the table and what a lovely display it must make in its end location :) I am intersted to see the white liatris as I have not come across a white version before

  4. Your colorful bouquet reminds me of one I saw in a magazine years ago. I cut out and saved the picture and we gave it to the florist for flower ideas for my sister's wedding reception.

  5. Beautiful. I too am an admirer of Sweet William--what a charmer.

  6. Beautiful photos and flowers, and you are so right about the wonderful internet gardening community!

  7. I love everything about this arrangement! The wildflower look with the roses tucked in works beautifully and all the colors! Love it!

    Angie @ Pitchfork & Pistil

  8. Sally, your gardens must be pretty indeed if this is just a sample. Lovely! (I'm in western MA - not too many bloggers are so near!)

  9. The plumbago was a perfect shade of blue on my computer screen. It made the arrangement look fantastic!

    Jeannie @