Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Late Summer in the Garden 9/5/2017

A late summer garden has a tranquility found no other time of the year.
William Longgood

Summer may not end on the calendar for a few more weeks but, when August ends here in Massachusetts, the last of the cookouts are had, the beaches close and school begins.
There's a difference in the air and the days are noticeably shorter but, the flowers keep blooming, attracting frenzied pollinators who seem to be working harder than ever to get all the nectar they can, while they can. 

The biggest blossom in the garden and....

the smallest blossom in the garden.

The Sedum is a lovely pink, getting darker everyday. I started with one plant about 6 years ago and have divided it many times.

The lovely yellow rose bush keeps blooming. I have hope for my ability to grow roses!

I'm not sure what's happened to the Turtleheads. The buds seem to be dying.....

I love the sound of the bees buzzing away on the Hydrangea.

They are covered with flowers this year and the smell is intoxicating.
Flat-topped  Golden Rod is blooming more everyday. The pollinators love it. Good thing because it's a garden thug!

Here's a new to my garden flower. I was very excited when it developed a bud and it took a long time for it to  open. It was part of a swap I had in the spring and I have no idea what it is! 
And, who are these cuties?? It seems there is a mother Chipmunk and two babies living near the composter. 

They run between the big garden and the growth around the composter.

This is Momma Chipmunk eating a tomato I put in the composter. She looks like she's giving me the evil eye! LOL

It seems there is a negative to having Chipmunks live in our yard......they ate one of the Savers ripe tomatoes off the vine. You have to understand that he waits all year for those ripe tomatoes freshly picked......All year, he dreams of BLT's and Triscuits, cheddar cheese and .......you know it.....fresh picked tomatoes.....Surprisingly, he isn't too upset......he went out and picked the other ripe ones to save them from the little thieves and we had BLT's for supper.

Today, I'm grateful to God for beautiful, cool mornings. Such a wonderful time to be out in the garden with a cup of coffee and the Good Book.

Happy Gardening,



  1. Your garden must be looking very colorful with beautiful and colorful flowers all around...

  2. I love your beautiful garden, Sally !!
    I admire your hibiscus and those little visitors to your garden !

  3. I love that tiny bloom! Oh, my! We do not have chipmunks but there are lots of squirrels, and they sometimes take bites out of the tomatoes, just as they ripen. I sometimes pick them when not quite ripe to beat the squirrels to them. They don't seem to bother the cherry or small pear shaped tomatoes.

  4. The chipmunks are so cute! I have had to harden my heart against them, however, after they created an underground metropolis in my garden with innumerable entrance holes. Nature has begun to rebalance the world a bit, after the hawks and owls moved in to take advantage of easy pickings.

    1. I hope you're right. We have a hawk who circles every day but, it's so wooded I'm not sure it can zero in on the little buggers.

    2. Keep your hopes up Sally, they can sit still on a branch then drop unexpectedly onto an unsuspecting critter.
      Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry.Blogspot.com