Friday, September 1, 2017

September 1 in the Garden

By all these lovely tokens
September days are here
With summer's best of weather
And Autumns best of cheer.
Helen Hunt Jackson
The summer has flown by! I find it hard to believe Autumn is just around the corner.
In spite of the season winding down and many flowers past, there is still beauty to be found in the gardens.
Hydrangea is turning a soft pink.
What a difference from last year. The bushes are full of huge blossoms.

They smell wonderful!
Praying Mantis are coming to the garden. I'm a bit concerned because they can even capture and eat Hummingbirds.


Stonecrop is starting to bloom. It adds much needed color.
Pretty little woodland flower

I love this Succulent and can never remember it's name.

Faithful Phlox. It's very long blooming.

Red Helenium is fading but still very lush.

A rescue Foxglove is rewarding me with blooms.

Here are two plants that remind me of Fall.....Golden Rod and Joe-Pye-

Perennial Hibiscus is the Queen of the garden right now.

Here is a very tall Hibiscus

a longer shot of the same plant.

Flat-topped Golden Rod

The unnamed Succulent with a Hibiscus in the background

A Lobelia growing up through the Obedient Plant
The Caryopteris is blooming nicely

A long shot of the plant.

Turtle heads have been very slow growers.

This one finally has several buds on different branches

 The month of August brought very cool nights and mostly pleasant days. According to the weather forecast, it will be pleasant like this for a while. It really is my kind of weather. I spent this morning transplanting and planting some new purchases. My mind rearranges the gardens the whole time. I constantly scrutinize and makes plans. Am I the only one who does that? 
Right now, my mind is on Mums and's a little early to buy them but I'm itchin' to get at them! More color!
Here in the US we are celebrating the end of summer this long weekend with Labor Day festivities.
Today, I'm grateful for my wonderful daughters and their families. How fortunate I am to have them!
Happy Gardening,


  1. You have a lot blooming now. I love the sedums. Do you have to bring them in during winter or are they hardy? I haven't seen a praying mantis in my garden this year. A shrew just met it's end by coming into our garage. I draw the line there. Happy Labor Day to you.

    1. Lisa, The Sedum are hardy. I love the Stonecrop. It's been divided many times.

  2. Thank you for a nice walk through your fantastic garden, Sally ! I have never seen a praying mantis! It's a beautiful creature!
    Greetings !

  3. Your hydrangea are lovely. Limelight have a wonderful scent. I went shopping with a client over the weekend and she bought 5 cultivars! (Of course, they had to be planted, too. ;) Got the last ones in today.)
    The cool temps of August have brought fall early to the trees. It looks more like the end of Sept. than the beginning.
    Your mystery plant is another type of sedum, possibly S. pluricale or S. cauticolum.

  4. You are not the only person who rearranges your garden constantly in your mind. I do it too. Right now I am trying to decide what to do for next year. Many of my trees have grown so tall they are shading many of my sun loving flowers. Should I (Bill) cut down some trees? Should I dig another bed? What should go in the empty spots? So many decisions, so little time.
    Jeannie @